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Dark Ages in British Isles are fascinating, a dismal warlike time, in which people fight for survive. A dark age with deep blend of cultures.
6th and 7th centuries were a time when invaders (Saxons, Angles and Jutes) tried hard their destiny in a new world with the steel of their swords, shields and spears. Ancient people tried to resist, while they saw how their kingdoms are defeated and conquest by those “barbarians”, sorrowfully saw how his belowed world slowly disappeared off the face of the earth.

Couldn't forget to talk about the Picts also, who have always inspire great interest. Or about West, other island, as complex as Britain, Ireland in which many people were fighting for a piece land, their clans, livestock and supremacy.

In short, it is a world we know a little, but that it is like a magnet for history lovers: a time of war and great deeds, where few (almost none) kings died in his bed.
¿What mean Brytenwalda?
The central element in early Anglo-Saxon politics is the 'imperium' (empire) over all 'English' peoples south of the Humber which Bede ascribes in his Ecclesiastical History (ii 5) to seven kings before 671. To these seven, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of Alfred's time attaches not only an eighth name but also a vernacular word, 'Bretwalda', or 'Brytenwalda'

Brytenwalda = Bryten - Britain and walda - ruler.
Brytenwalda, almost certainly the right form. 'Bretwalda' may be a 'ghost' word, born of a scribal slip.
A little of History: Anno Domini 636:
Edwin, King of Deira, has died some years ago, his great rival, Cadwallon ap Cadfan, king of Gwynedd, after ravaging the north with his armies, was killed by Oswald the new lord of the north, the ambitious son of Æthelfrith and Edwin's sister, he now rules on Bernacia, Deira and Elmet.

Oswald the powerful, who has proclaimed Brytenwalda, who is willing to dispute the title?, Who is willing to confront the most powerful king in Britain?

The world is at war, only respects the law of the sword and spear. There are realms that are born and die every single day, kings die on the battle fields.

On East, the Angles, Jutes consolidate domains and claim for more land.
On South, the Saxons, led by Cynegils, have teamed up with Oswald, cornering Penda, king of the Angles de Mierce, The March. Will Mierce resist being surrounded by enemies?
King Penda is bloody and violent, many kings have been killed by his sword and promises to kill many more. He call to meet the men under his command to go to war.

Meanwhile, Christianity extending from Centware (Jute Kingdom), and it is converting the barbarians.

Pushed against the coast, the Welsh are fighting for every inch of land, but are too divided, dreaming of the return of a king to unify all and lead to the final victory, they dream with an incoming King Arthur. But Arthur is dead, and all eyes look to Cynddylan, the king of Pengwern, brave as a lion, but unable to join under his banner all the other kings.

And Gwynedd, a fertile kingdom in great warriors, is silent, unable to hear the sound of the advancing armies threatening their land. Gwynedd cry to Great Cadwallon, scourge of the Angles and Saxons, who has left a son, a King 3 year old.

In the snowy lands of the North, fight the Irish, Dal Riata, and the Picts. Their kings share blood, but the Irish are invading in land of Cait, kingdom of the Picts. The Picts, with their faces painted and their female warriors, are now united under one king and they are stronger than ever.

Across the sea, in Ireland, Domnaill mac Aedo, of Ui Neill´s clan has emerged as High King in Temair after defeating his enemies. But it isnt more than a prestigious title that recognizes him as the most powerful of the island. Around him, clans are fighting for land, women and cattle in fratricidal wars. The war in Ireland is endemic.

Who can bring light to this world of war and misery?
The world was chaos, and chaos was war.



History Dark Ages: know who they were and how they lived


History about Brytenwalda Times (6 to 8th century).
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