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Written by Bryten31   


Brytenwalda not have been possible if a videogame company called Talesword entertainment had not created the fabulous game: Mount & Blade.
From these lines, Brytenwalda Team want to thank you for creating this wonderful videogame, Talesword, and allow us to create mods.


Creators: Taleworlds Entertainment

Taleworlds Entertainment is an independent game development studio based in Ankara, Turkey. The studio has started its life with a garage project called Mount&Blade, which was developed with limited resources, but which neverthless displayed the team's principles of good game design, fresh ideas, and deep, open-ended gameplay. An alpha version of Mount&Blade was released to the public in 2005 and it quickly gained a significant fan-base among gamers. Taleworlds continued to work on the game, eventually partnering with Paradox Interactive to bring out a retail version. The stuido also grew with the game, and is continuing to add talented graphics artists and programmers to its core team.




Mount&Blade Warband is the sequel to the highly acclaimed medieval mounted combat game Mount and Blade.

You can know it here: