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'Minimum system requirements' for play Brytenwalda arent the minimum requirements for the vanilla game. If you have the minimum for vanilla, it simply is not enough for this mod.

If you have continous CTD issues you need read this guie, but before you try this (steps copy of JohnT)
1) remove the mod and the game completely
2) defrag all hard disk drives/partitions on your PC
3) re-install the game
4) before launching the game, disable/kill all applications that run in the background
6) if you have no network sharing [i.e. single computer at home] disable your memory resident antivirus for limited extra performance gain
A Good Graphics Card with generous dedicated vRAM is needed for anything to do with 3D environments (battle screens)
For the campaign map, it is calculations that is being done in the background and that requires A LOT of CPU power
Naturally enough RAM is also required to store the data that is to be processed.

Known things that will cause you to CTD or Lag heavily!
Autor: Kinsume in 1257 forum.
Link: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,127609.0.html


1. Solution.

Well, generally your crash and Runtime erros isnt bugs, it can be problem of performance or low memory. Brytenwalda 1.34 need best PC than 1.332 or native.

A solution that is fix 85% of the problems is here:


2. Solution

Other solution is that you look your configuration, if you have problem same you need change something to:

Enable Cheats = Off
Load Textures on demand = ON
Texture detail = 60%
Antialissing = Off
Shadow Quality = Low

Enable Edit mode = Off
Force Single Threading = ON (Mount&Blade supports multi-core processors. You can use this option if for some reason your multi-core processor is not handled correctly, or if your single-core processor is incorrectly recognised as a multi-core. If you have a multi-core processor you should always leave this option off unless you have problems, as turning it on will reduce performance.)

-You max the corpses at 40
-This could to be a potential problem with a video card with limited video memory.  You can reducing the texture size in the Warband configuration options.  Please reduce the texture size until your crashing stops.

-You try to change the render_buffer_size parameter: rgl_config.txt

The default value is something like 15, but people reported good results in the past setting it to 100 or more (will depend on your GPU RAM size).

-There is another parameter there: disable_frequency_variation

However, if you have this problem and you fix it, post your solution plz, others player can need it.


3. Solution

I am crashing on the first page. The very first page when you are loading the game. When I am loading I get a RGL error. Solutions?

Autor: Derraa

- Go to Documents
- Open Mount&Blade Warband folder
- Open rgl_config
- Change the value in render_buffer_size to 256 ( after playing Brytenwalda if you play another mod change it to the previous value; i.e: mine was 2048)
- Enter game, new game.
- Play and have fun.

4. Solution

Autor: Evil_BG


When I play for 20 minutes it gives me that release time or somthing CLOSED my game and I can't play...

Im with Dual CPU so I enabled the single threading ... Otherwise I buffed my settings to the max and now I play with no problem, I also did another thing.
I went to My Documents and opened the warband folder then opened rgl_config and I pressed CTRL and F and typed in render_buffer_size then I changed it to 256... I don't remember what it was before but I have no problems now. The game is so nice when its on maximum settings.


5. Solution

If you cannt enter to taverns or towns, it is a Warband 1.143 bug with some configurations, you need open your module.ini (in Brytenwalda mod), and change disable_moveable_flag_optimization = 0 to disable_moveable_flag_optimization = 1






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