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Written by Brytenwalda Team   

New Features 1.39:

-New scenes.
-New pretty and historical accuracy scene props done by Adorno.
-New language added (thanks Rusty warhorse): Chinese.
-Update to last WSE version.

-Improve formations system.
-AI performs better in the battle now properly using each type of unit well. The exchange of projectiles before impact melee is also more realistic.

-New Faction Color Scheme

-Seafaring (Thanks Duh):
.AI Sea Trade, slightly balanced
.Ability to buy, name, sail, land, fight on, dock and send a ship to town
.Ability to assign a crew on ship (requirement for sending a ship)
.Crew Wages
.Hostile towns can not be chosen as a destination for your ships and troops
.New Port Submenu with several Submenus and a detailed Presentation
.Chance that a ship left at shore without guards is stolen
.Mini-Feature - Fishing based on Foraging Skill
.Height Check at Cliffs to exclude the landing and sending away option, cant be entirely excluded though (some Cliffs arent steep enough)

-Moneylenders and Landowners (thanks Duh)
.Moneylenders: which allow you to borrow money based on your relationship with the city and your standing in the realm
.Landowners, which will sell you land based on the towns prosperity. The entire land system is heavily influenced by prosperity and population in a city.
.You can know population of each city now.

-New Hud (Thanks Falx)
-Improve Ambush system.
-Starting Location is now by culture.
-New Prelude: acuracy presentation.
-New items - 5 helmets and a new special/unique sword

-Freelancer Mod (Thanks to Caba'Drin and Taragoth)
.Opportunity to gain ranks
.In-Game Report on Commanders Party
.The ability to go to the town the Lord has entered
.New equipment & higher pay for each rank
.Ability to desert the army and take followers with
.Ability to revolt against the lord and release prisoners
.Ability to go on personal leave and remain part of commanders army.
.Interact with commander in a meeting scene
.Ask commander personally to retire from service
.No need to hold space bar while commander travels
.Quartermaster hands you food when you are low.
.You can no longer have prisoners as a common soldier
.Relations change when you are not in lords army (vacation)
.Player unable to ride a horse in battle unless his/her troop tier uses them
.Also have all items taken back from previous tier when promoted.
.Factions remember what your last rank was with them. When you return they will remember you and your previous status. (unless you desert or rebel)
.You only have a 14 day grant of leave, after 14 days you will be branded a deserter. (Thanks to DrTomas for the main idea)

-Fixed Sea Battles, and added three new variant types of scenes, to make this system more varied and unpredictable.
.As many ships as you want, naval battles!
.All ships act with AI and try to board enemy ships (except your own)
.Boarding! Blood and Steel!
.No limit for the number of boats who stick together for boarding
.Exit boarding to board other ships
.You can burn other ships.
.Alternative camera
.Wind can come from 360 diffrent directions in different strange. Wind is important for speed!
.AI include Sailing.
.Random weather
.You can raise and lower your wing
.More things.

-New Quest:
.1 New quest in Hadrian Wall for get a unique and special item.
.3 new quest in villages.

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