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Monday, 09 August 2004 08:30


Support Brytenwalda on ModDB and Facebook

Support us on Facebook, "like" Brytenwalda and add Brytenwalda DevTeam to your friendslist!
Write reviews about Brytenwalda and post screenshots.
We'd love to see you beeing active on our Facebook-site!

Support us on ModDB,
download and rate Brytenwalda, post comments to pictures, videos and the site itself!
Upload your own screenshots and videos and be active on Brytenwalda-ModDB!
You'll also able to download Brytenwalda from ModDB now!

And when the next ModDB-"Mod of the year"-contest is announced, vote for us! 

Thanks for your attention and have a nice time with Brytenwalda!
SIGS thanks to Verbeek:

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Sig by SirDCC



User Bar by taragoth


Brytenwalda The Wargame