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...............Our first campaign multiplayer.................

"Under the reign of the Sword"

.A war on the southeast Britain:

.Eight factions to choose from:

.Lundein – Britones.
.Regia – Britones
.Atrebatia – Britones
.Arthur - Britones
.Anglia – Angles
.Cent – jutes
.Gewissae – Saxons.
.Aelle – Invaders.

.Three possible roles to choose from:

>King: lead your kingdom, your lords and save it from being conquered, while trying to nurture you as the High King of Britain.

>Lord: turn your province, your army, serve your king, or fighting to overthrow him and become king yourself. Spread your provinces at the expense of your neighbors.

>Mercenary / troop Elite: serves lords and kings for money, get rich, become a champion in the field of battle, that the bards sing your deeds ... and perhaps, if you wish, you can recruit men and make your own kingdom or be simplely a bandit king.

.A New Multiplayer gamemode: Warlords.

Where will decide the fate of Britain in massive battles with armies of up to 900 warriors. In a system very similar to the single player.

Warlords will allow you to lead armies against your rivals and challenge their lands.


.A campaign that will immerse you in the dark ages for a few weeks.

.A complex system of strategy and diplomacy with flexible rules that allow you to resolve your conflicts by force, murder, bribery or you choose more correct.

.A campaign with a strong component in role and interaction between players. A world at war, where only the strongest prevail.

Sign up, Mynydd Baddon (Mons Badonicus) awaits you ...



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