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43AD-284AD(mod is in beta stage) Team members(Me,me,me :mrgreen:)
Vympel here , I would like to introduce new patch for Roma Britannia I will make it short, dominos is rather tired from drinking all that wine and being rubbed down by multiple slaves . So here is  the latest version of Imperium Romanum , thanks goes to Brytenwalda team for giving us the opportunity to use their great work for our humble project, special double thanks goes to Indibil for being a cool dude .

Download 1.9.1 Beta :
PATCH fixed some bugs , new features , new animations , independent objectives for Romans ... Not savegame compatible Start with legion Augusta Start with Legio Hispana Start with Auxilia
Module.ini for those with Polished landscapes
Troop tree by Viper185
Maybe I make all this more organized in the future ,IR for Brytenwalda 1.34 will be my first solid release without all the patching :mrgreen:

Realistically you should be starting at Centware
Suggest realistic item/weapon changes by posting here , all item changes will be save compatible with 1.9.1 and can be made easily and uploaded I wanna get item balance right if possible also hows the overall balance too hard too easy to play as Romans ? Post your thoughts here.

- Fixed crashes during battles had to redo few things from scratch
- Two Legions now hold their own territories and use their own troop trees
- Different troop tree's that make more sense to me , more troop trees maybe too much but that's how I roll
- Weapons should be similar to 1.9 with some minor differences I did not refer to old itemkinds I was in hurry any suggestions about how weapons should behave is welcome
- Made Auxilia troop tree's a bit more appealing lower cost better high tier units currently 8 Auxilia cohors are present not including ala or sagettri formations
-Gladius is warn on the right side  :mrgreen:
- You really do need to bring archers if you want to take castles or towns
- Briton factions use different troops some have more elite infantry some have more cavalry some more archers etc.
- AI is balanced towards realism , Romans use tighter formations Britons are less well organized but tend to throw alot of stuff  :mrgreen: I would make them throw tar and trees and rotten meat if I could for realism's sake
- Horses survive longer and are faster
- Rebalanced the way armor and shields work good armor will protect better but not against piercing and blunt attacks shields do not last forever so on ...
- Some of the weapon rebalance may be a bit different from 1.9 I did not have time to properly test the weapons nor did I feel like copying 1.9 weapon stats to the T
- Included multiple graphic options PL , Realistic Colors , Alternative less laggy Roman models kudos to people who made all that fun stuff

If you have constructive suggestions on how to improve the mod post here , 2.0 will be based on Brytenwalda 1334 and I am running out of ideas .
I am the only one working on the mod right now so any willing recruits pm me but only if you know how to mod plz It's pretty simple really 3 months ago I haven't had a clue myself. I also want beta testers.

The base concept : You (insert your name) are a low Ranking Roman commander not et a full citizen trying to earn your way towards the Senate and Rome by paving the road with blood of Romes enemies . You are in charge of a medium sized detachment of Auxilia Cohors  together with your Tribune you are taking part in the invasion of Britannia , you are a vital link on which success of this campaign depends. Use your resources wisely and advance the Roman cause in this unknown landscape full of danger and wealth . Your starting task is to assist the roman drive into Britannia interior for the Glory of Rome! .... Now that this part is clear this is an Open Beta and not the finished product, at this point the sole purpose of this release is for testing and bug finding purposes I do not have time to do the testing currently so it is up to the beta users to report bugs and so forth . As its stands now I consider 1.9  60% Complete.

Credits :
Thx to my current helpers who contributed their opinions and abilities
Thx to Stelious for his helms
Thx to Gothic Knight and the OSP project-Classical Italian/Roman items
Big juicy thx to Indibil and the Brytenwalda team , Brytenwalda HELL YA !

NEW MUSIC FOR IMPERIUM ROMANUM Version 2 all 76 music files replaced , OVERWRITE ORIGINAL MUSIC FOLDER : (Still messing around with the music want it to be more random and change more often , how? I dunno) for the music to run correctly the first time install music run the game ,exit the game , run it again module.ini will update itself.
NOTE : Quick Roman start , Start at Centware region, hire roman troops at Dfras,Aewiue,Cetham,Westarham,Ciorricg.

- Player should be able to hire more troops per village even if relation is lower then 5 around 10-20 troops although this could depend on other factors
- Added a script where player will be able to hire his faction's troops in his villages and nothing else this I haven't tested
- Merchant caravans are tougher to raid due to higher price of valuables they carry like silk
- You can only hire Romans around Cantwaraburh
- Green faction more like Celtic oriented tribes
- Realistic troop names Introducing Legio IX Hispana and Legio II Augusta those interested in their history check this link
- Roman troop recruitment in Brittania is limited to simulate the time it took to bring new legion reinforcement through Spain and Gaul thats why you have to first hire britton axilia then roman legio recruit  only then one of two legions .
- Differentiated the stats of two legions a bit each legion get their own Banner carriers and Centurions
- Player has a choice to hire less expensive , inferior equipped (to the legions) auxilia or citizen legion's (so far 2 legions which are known to have taken part in Invasion/occupation of Britannia). Realistic ratio of auxilia/legions was pretty much 1/1 with large portion of support troops archers and cavalry being from auxilia in Brittania mostly German/Gaul auxilia troops but others too.
- Added Draconarius (Banner Carrier for Ala_Auxiliary Cavalry)
- Tweaked Britton equipment a bit closer to reality
- Different auxilia types will be added later
- Realistic Health system implemented and needs testing
- Legio upgrade 4 tier, based on realistic roman battle decorations
- Fixed troop error
- Added new Latin song to the menu, install Music folder if you want it, some lovely Latin female singing also helps you learn Latin which will result in you becoming a great orator . 

Sig , use if you want to support the mod.I also need beta testers for the mod I don't have time to make the mod and play test it alone so volunteers need to pm me , people who want to partake in making of this mod also pm me.

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