Written by Brytenwalda Dev.   

After a three-year development, Brytenwalda's journey comes to an end.

We will release version 1.40, latest Brytenwalda (updatable only if a new version comes out Warband), the next day:

28 of september 2012

For us it is a special moment, so we will include a few surprises in this version.

Idibil's Letter

When I started with Brytenwalda did not expect the great reception it got.

Warband, (Armagan and his team have done my favorite game), and their freedom to allow us to do almost anything we want, has allowed me to bring to life a time that is otherwise difficult to see in a video game or movie, despite the enormous potential it have. There is nothing more I like to read in the forum that when a player mentions that due to play the mod has gone straight to the library or the google to learn about the seventh century.

Brytenwalda not have been possible without the support of the most competent team of people with whom I had the pleasure of working. People whose work has been selfless, pure love for the history and video games, which gives more value to their effort. I hope they feel as proud as I am of what we have created.
Thanks team, contributors, and all those persons who has done Brytenwalda a reality. Honestly, you are all wonderful people.

Of course, do not forget all those players, from all over the world, with their encouragement and support have encouraged us to continue. Thanks to you, today we present Brytenwalda 1.40. Thanks for those over 500,000 downloads!

Brytenwalda has allowed me to meet people from many cultures and countries, share experiences and enjoy a common hobby and improve my English a bit (not too much, but everything will be fine). All this has helped me grow as a person, and I hope, in some way, be able to give as much as I have received.

I do not dwell more. Now the important thing is to sharpen the sword and shield to strengthen the 1.40 version. Because notify, Brytenwalda 1.40 will brings surprises for you to enjoy beyond your computer.

You are ready to go back to our time machine? Think about it, then maybe you do not want to return.

Thank you so much!

Brytenwalda The Wargame