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Written by Brytenwalda Dev.   

BRYTENWALDA present...

After months of documentation and work, and with the help of Motomataru for translation into perfect English, and Lopekan, renowned graphic designer, Brytenwalda the novella is here.

We will launch this novel for free -in digital format- for all fans of Brytenwalda with version 1.40 :D

It will be in two languages: English and Spanish.

Brytenwalda Fans, I hope you know appreciate this gift we make to you. Very prepared and professional people has contributed to the creation of this book, as you will can read in the acknowledgments. People who have helped me without expecting anything in return, knowing we were going to make this work for you, so you can enjoy free of charge, and you can dive a little deeper into this fascinating past. Travel back in time with us, living the Dark Ages.

We hope you enjoy!

I fought in Haethfelth
narrates one of the most important battles of the Dark Ages, and lets you know immediately preceding facts when you start your life in the game.


It's theYear of our Lord 633.

Again the horns sound in the lands of old Britannia, calling men to war. The forces of the Northern Angles are preparing to face the Britons and their allies now, the Southern Angles.

A heath-covered moor is the chosen battlefield where the ambitions of three kings will collide. Many men of Deira and Bernaccia, Gwynedd and Mierce will spill their blood, mixing equally between brother and enemy. Some will live, to remember having fought in Haethfelth. The rest will be food for the crows and will not come to hear if the bards will sing their names or forget then.

There will be found Eappa, one more among those who have been obliged to exchange farm plow for the spear and pushed to fight in the army of their lord. In the tense wait in the shield wall, Eappa will confront his own despair. And, when the fight starts and shields clash, he will either find the courage to oppose fear, blood, and iron, or perish.

Brytenwalda The Wargame