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Written by Brytenwalda Dev.   


FANs Modifications

Compatibe with Brytenwalda 1.391 version

-Mod Tweak: Expanded Armor/Weapon Merchant Inventories

I was always a bit puzzled why things like Scale Armor, Lamellar, and some colors/styles of other armors and helmets never ever showed up in merchant inventories under any circumstances; and yet many troops and some nobles have them, as if they appeared out of thin air. Likewise many of them were not purchasable through the "famous" smiths either, nor were they worth purchasing. The only way to aquire them was by attakcing deserters who have them in quantity, or just getting lucky in a battle.

So I modified the item_kinds so that most of the "missing" armors (and some weapons) now has a chance of showing up in merchant inventories. You'll see larger varities of armor colors and helmets, as well as a few armors that I dont think any troops or nobility wear. Most of them have normal stats and prices, and many are regionally dependant. Longbows and Composite bows have a small chance of showing up in weapon vendors now. Anything with the name "noble" or "king" in it has a very small chance of showing up (equal chance to Kingly Mail)


How to tweak number of reinforcement waves?


Change shield animation


Compatibe with Brytenwalda 1.39 version

-Companion SubMod - This submod is for brytenwalda 1.39, It adds 37 more companions that don't argue.



-Calradia in Darkness v.1.1 (+Brytenwalda adaptation) Autor: CHUR



-Brytenwalda Music Pack - Autor: Utrehd

More information, suggestions, issues, talk to autor: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,154342.0.html


-Custom Music - Mech Warrior 2 for Brytenwalda - Autor: ppga

More information, suggestions, issues, talk to autor: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,155628.0.html



-TweakMB now supports Brytenwalda
Autor: kefka95

The latest release of TweakMB (3.02) adds support for Brytenwalda 1.38.  You will need to select "Brytenwalda 1.38" from the tweak database dropdown before loading your module.

Most TweakMB tweaks should be working with Brytenwalda, although some will be disabled simply due to the number/extent of changes that the mod makes to the game.




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